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Center for Advanced Algal and Plant Phenotyping

What we do

We are facing unprecedented challenges that directly involve the plant sciences. The United Nations estimates that food production has to increase by at least 70% over the next 30-50 years. So, there is an urgent need to develop highly productive and sustainable food production sources. Our center's technologies can measure photosynthetic parameters, in real-time, and identify biophysical processes and genes that contribute to photosynthetic efficiency and productivity.

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Technological platforms

Plants in an imaging chamberDEPI Chambers

Dynamic Environmental Photosynthetic Imaging (DEPI) captures the types of environmental conditions seen in the field, such as light intensities or weather patterns, and replays them in the lab. Onboard cameras detect and quantify visible signals produced in real time by plant photosynthetic processes.

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An instrument clamps on a leafPhotosynQ

Most plant research happens in highly controlled lab conditions. Unfortunately, the plants that human beings care most about grow outside where weather, bugs, and animals impact their well-being. PhotosynQ is a platform for measuring plant health at a fundamental level in the field and collecting data across the world to create a global, open access dataset of plant activity.

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A row of Environmental Photobioreactors with green algae insideEnvironmental Photobioreactor

The Environmental Photobioreactor (ePBR) enables scientists to study algae under the same conditions found in outdoor ponds, but in the much more efficient confines of the laboratory. Each ePBR can re-create environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity, and CO2.

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Center for Advanced Algal and Plant Phenotyping
612 Wilson Road, Room S-240
East Lansing, MI  48824

Dr. David Kramer
Principal Investigator
(517) 432-0072

Dr. Jeffrey Cruz
Director of Plant Studies
(517) 432-0071